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Requirements for Mooring Boats at the North Harbor and High Street Inlet

  1. Welcome to Portsmouth
    By City Ordinace, you are welcome to moor at the North Harbor and High Street Inlet for up to 36 hours. Your submission of this form, gives the city a time and date stamp of the beginning of your mooring.
  2. Please indicate your arrival date and time, from entry into the port.
  3. Please adhere to the 36 hour mooring time frame. All boaters remaining in port past their specific 36 hour time frame, will be reported to the authorities.
  4. For more information about mooring rules and regulations, please call (757) 393-8782.  To learn more about our city and things to do, please visit our Portsmouth Welcome Center located at 206 High Street.  The center is open seven days a week except for major holidays.  Hours are Sunday-Thursday 9 AM – 4 PM and Friday-Saturday 9 Am – 5 PM.

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