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1. How are Real Estate taxes assessed?
2. What is the current tax rate for the City of Portsmouth?
3. What are the Due Dates for Real Estate Taxes?
4. Are all four (4) quarters of Real Estate Taxes billed the same?
5. What does it mean when only the Stormwater Management Fee is charged to an account?
6. What do ALL zeros ($0) on ALL quarters on the Real Estate Tax Data chart mean?
7. Are payment method & payment date a matter of public record?
8. How long are the figures on the website good through?
9. How do I request additional tax information on a property?
10. What do I do if my taxes are paid by my mortgage company but I receive a Real Estate Tax bill?
11. What do I do if I have paid off my loan to my mortgage company?
12. When are the Real Estate Tax bills mailed by the Treasurer’s Office?
13. What is a Stormwater Management Fee?
14. How do I sign up for the ACH (Automatic Bank Draft) Program?
15. How do I apply for Senior Tax Relief?
16. How do I apply for Disabled Veteran’s Relief?