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1. What is the function of the local Commissioner of the Revenue's Office in the processing of state individual income tax returns?
2. What is the deadline to file my Virginia Income Tax Return?
3. What is an Accelerated Refund?
4. Do I need to file a return?
5. As a member of the Armed Forces, am I required to file a Virginia return?
6. What am I required to attach to my Virginia State Income Tax Return?
7. What is the rate for Virginia individual income taxes?
8. Is there a penalty if I file late?
9. Would I also owe interest if I am filing late?
10. Who is a resident?
11. Who is a Part-year resident?
12. Who is a Nonresident?
13. What is estimated tax?
14. What tax breaks are available to Taxpayers who are 65 and over?
15. If I need income tax forms or assistance who would I contact?