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1. What is generally considered personal property for taxation purposes?
2. How is the amount of tax to be levied on personal property determined?
3. How is personal property assessed?
4. What personal property is prorated?
5. What does prorating of personal property taxes mean?
6. Where may local tax returns be filed?
7. If I move out of Portsmouth during the tax year or sell my motor vehicle during the tax year, am I eligible for a refund of the personal property tax paid?
8. Can I appeal my personal property assessment?
9. What is “Filing by Exception”?
10. What is the filing deadline for reporting personal property other than vehicles?
11. When is my personal property tax payment due?
12. When selling or disposing of a motor vehicle or trailer, do I need to notify anyone?
13. What are my tax obligations if I am an active duty military person maintaining Portsmouth as my legal residence?
14. As an active duty member of the military, would I be taxed for personal property in Portsmouth if I maintained a legal domicile in a state other than Virginia?
15. How does the City of Portsmouth determine the tax exempt status of military service personnel?
16. What vehicles are eligible for tax relief?