Dr. L. Pettis Patton

City Manager
Title: City Manager
Phone: 757-393-8641

Dr. Lydia Pettis-Patton

Dr. Patton returned to the City of Portsmouth in September 2015 after being unanimously appointed as the City’s first female City Manager. She currently is the City’s Chief Administration and Executive Officer. Prior to returning to Portsmouth, she served as an Associate Director at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Before serving in Chicago, Dr. Patton retired from the City of Portsmouth, having served as a Deputy City Manager from 2002–2008. Prior to serving as Deputy City Manager, she was the City of Portsmouth’s Director of Parks and Recreation from 1986–1990; Director of Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services from 1990–1991; Group Executive for Parks, Recreation, Leisure Services, Museums, Libraries, Tourism and Marketing 1991–1994; Director of Parks, Recreation and General Services from 1994–2002; and Deputy City Manager from 2002–2008. She returns to Portsmouth as a visionary leader who understands the core factors of leadership, providing a strategic vision and a consistent thorough plan for capacity building, and strategic alignment for efficiency and effectiveness. Dr. Patton received her undergraduate degree from Kentucky State University, a Masters of Education from the University of Louisville, and a Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

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