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Encrypted Forms

  1. Application for Residential and Commercial Water Service
  1. Employee Vaccination Information Form

    This form enables Portsmouth City Employees to provide vaccination information, within a secured encrypted portal.

Fraud Abuse Waste

  1. Fraud Abuse Waste (E-Submit)

    Form is designed to assist City employees, departments, agencies and programs in preventing and detecting incidents of waste, fraud,... More…

Human Resources

  1. Police Chief Community Forum Question

    Please use this form to suggest a question to be asked of the police chief candidates

Information Technology

  1. Internet Service Provider Access Form

    This form allows citizens to document Internet Service Provider opinions, issues, or support of their current provider. The data... More…


  1. Ask a Librarian

    Questions directed to the Portsmouth Library

Marketing & Communications

  1. Bulk waste pick-up request

    Form Citizens use to get bulk waste picked up

  2. Requirements for Mooring Boats at the North Harbor and High Street Inlet

    By City Ordinance, you are welcome to moor for up to 36 hours.

  1. PCTV Video Services Request
  2. Work Session and City Council

    Form citizens watching the live feed can use to contact us

Parks & Rec

  1. Community Program Guide

    Community Program Guide: Submit information for the October-December Community Program Guide Using This Form by July 31, 2019. You... More…

Permits & Inspections

  1. Construction Inspection Schedule Request

    Construction Inspection Schedule Request

  1. Construction Permit Application Request

    Construction Permit Application Request

Planning Department

  1. Public Comment: Innovation District Focus Questions

    Please identify view the presentation above and the provide comments on the following questions.

Portsmouth Circuit Court

  1. Application for Probate Appointment

    Online Application must be submitted to the Probate Division before scheduling your appointment. Please include a copy of the WILL... More…

Social Services

  1. Kids Wish Network Pre-Registration

    Pre-Registration for the Kids Wish Network Outreach Event

  1. Social Services Contact Form