Crawford Gateway Revitalization Strategy

Proposed Storm-Water Park

The Crawford Gateway Revitalization Strategy seeks to capitalize on substantial public and private investment by placing an emphasis on the City Council Vision to provide access to the waterfront and reinvigorate downtown with substantial economic development.

There are 5 projects authorized by City Council to set the baseline.

           Space Needs Evaluation for the Future City Hall
           Civic Center Land Use Study (Former Civic Center/Current City Jail Site)
           Site Selection and Preliminary Engineering for the Public Safety Complex
           Crawford Street Corridor Study
           Development of a Storm-Water Park at the Civic Center Parking Lot

The stormwater park is intended to enhance public space to complement future development, improve water quality and reduce runoff volumes. The concept plans feature various amenities to encourage the public use park and provide recreational space for the residents and public events.

The concepts also incorporate various stormwater features to capture runoff and reduce pollutant loads from the surrounding impervious areas. Lastly, the concepts incorporate innovate educational and interactive features to teach visitors to the park about the installed stormwater controls and encourage environmental stewardship.

          Option 1: Incorporates green space and open water features
          Option 2: Utilizes open green space and underground detention to manage stormwater flows
          Option 3: Largely utilizes open water features, including constructed wetlands, wet swales, and deep pools to treat stormwater