Training Testimonials

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These are testimonials from the recent training and workshop participants. It includes what they learned and liked about the training. 

Intro to Presentation Skills training
"Presentation of information should be clear and appropriate for audience".
​"All of the information when planning for presentations".

Developing SMART goals training
"It has shown me, how to clearly define my goals & objectives explaining how to measure along the way to my goal or destination".
​"setting daily goals".

Exceptional Customer Service training
Thank you so much for coming and kicking off are staff development day.  It was perfect. Look forward to seeing you again in May".

​Developing and Maintaining Winning Attitude
"that a good attitude is a choice".
​​​​"Be aware of my attitude towards others; how impact".​
​"​We really enjoyed the training you presented. Thank you so much!"
​​"​I simply want to say thank you so very much for your powerful, positive message on Friday afternoon, You are, indeed, a dynamic presenter and I really enjoyed listening to you. I took copious notes so that I can refer to them whenever I need a boost".
​​"Mr. Richardson was great , he was engaging, positive and motivating . The staff appreciated and enjoyed his message . Thank you both, he made our all staff meeting a success". ​​

Career Developer training
​​"This information can be applied to my real-life".​"How to develop and market my skills better and more abundantly".​​

​Effective Customer Service Communication training
​​"How to effectively communicate with customers."
​​"How to better listen with purpose."

​​​​Perception and Assumption training
​"A positive perception leads to positive assumption, which leads to better customer service."​
​"Confidence. How you see yourself.  Good customer service skills."​​​
​"How to perceive situations/things properly and with a more open mind."

​​​​Budget your Pay training​
"Financial stability produces better attitudes."
​​​"How to manage and budget more effectively."​​​​​

Developing and Improving Interpersonal Relationship training​​
​"How to relate w/ co-workers & mentor for effective outcome, deal w/ work."
​"Awareness of inconvenient truths regarding yourself can lead to self-improvement." 

Decision Making Process training
"Acknowledgement of the challenges with decision making. Having a different approach and implementing the new way of thinking and doing."​"Proper steps of decision making to become more efficient and effective."
​​"A lot of information will be taken back but just a few notes were the  process matters, how you get to that decision matters."

Conflict Management
"Fishbone Chart (Ishikawa)."​​"Conflict resolution through collaboration."
​​​"Being able to approach conflict resolution systematically, not personally."