Employee Recognition Programs

The City of Portsmouth has dedicated employees working together on behalf of the citizens of Portsmouth. In every organization, there are individuals who are exemplary in overall performance. The need for accountability, the desire for measurable results and the move toward greater productivity has put emphasis on rewarding specific outcomes and employee actions. These programs are structured to enable management and fellow employees to recognize and reward outstanding achievements of City employees and to stimulate the potential of all employees to achieve higher standards of excellence and increased efficiency in City operations. The responsibility to encourage participation in this rewarding program belongs to all employees and management personnel. 

2018 Employee of the Month Winners

Eddie SavageMichael Salgado newEOM APR 2018

Eddie Savage

February 2018

Mike Salgado

March 2018

Lonnie Colley

April 2018

20180430_Martha Klemp20180607_Wayne JohnsonEOM Flyer for Depts - July 2018

Martha Klemp

May 2018

Wayne Johnson

June 2018

Runeda Gray

July 2018

EOM SEPT picture for internet

Michael Ward

August 2018

Kenneth Strickland

September 2018

If you would like to nominate a employee, please fill out the Employee of the Month Nomination Form.