In order to determine where mosquito problems are the largest, crews trap mosquitoes weekly using a variety of traps, including:
  1. CDC Light trap - This trap is used to catch active mosquitoes between dusk and dawn. Dry ice is used as an attractant for host-seeking mosquitoes as mosquitoes are drawn to CO2 output. This is our most used trap in checking mosquito activity.
  2. Omni-Directional-Fay-Prince trap - This trap is used for daytime catching of mosquitoes. These traps usually capture the Asian tiger mosquito.
  3. Gravid Trap - This trap is used to catch gravid (or pregnant) female mosquitoes after they've had their blood meal. This trap simulates an environment that attracts mosquitoes that lay their eggs on the surface of the water.
  4. Ovatrap - Used to attract gravid female Asian tiger mosquitoes. The female lays her eggs on seed germination paper placed in the cup. Positive traps give us an idea of where Albopictus mosquitoes are in the city.

CDC Light Trap, Prince Trap, Gravid Trap

Collage of three Trapping Devices


Collage of two views of an Ovatrap