Mission of the Purchasing Office


The City of Portsmouth extends a warm welcome to all vendors interested in providing goods and services to the City of Portsmouth.  It is the intention of the Purchasing Office to ensure that all business transactions are conducted in a fair and impartial manner for the benefit of all parties involved.


The goal of the Purchasing Office is to ensure that the needs of the City of Portsmouth are met in the most expeditious  and proficient manner possible, ensuring that the City receives the best quality goods and services at the most economical price.


It is the policy of the Purchasing Office to ensure that all procurement activities are conducted in strict accordance with the Portsmouth City Code, and all applicable laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Federal Government.

Function of the Purchasing Office

The Purchasing Office serves as the procurement hub for City of Portsmouth departments, and acts as a liaison between suppliers and the City.  This office works with all City departments in composing solicitation specifications, evaluating results, and awarding contracts.

Procurement Opportunities

All formal solicitations are posted electronically on the City's website, on Demandstar at www.demandstar.com and on the Commonwealth of Virginia's electronic procurement website at www.eva.virginia.gov.  We will gladly provide any interested vendor with a copy of the solicitation.  Each solicitation will include the requirements, and specific instructions for submitting a response. All responses must be received by the Purchasing Office prior to the designated submission deadline listed in the solicitation.  Responses received after that deadline will not be accepted. 


In our day-to-day activities we strive to promote communication and good will in community, supplier and employee relations and to uphold the highest standards of business ethics. You can be of invaluable service to us if you:
  • Address and deliver all shipments to the "deliver to" instructions on the Purchase Order or Contract
  • Mail all invoices according to the "invoice to" instructions on the Purchase Order.
  • Let us know if you feel our specifications for a product or service can be improved to offer a better option or lower costs.
  • Be sure that your shipping label contains our Purchase Order number.
Do not accept orders or make shipments until a Purchase Order number has been obtained from Purchasing.

Contact Us 

If you have questions at any time during the procurement process, please consult with Purchasing for clarification.

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