Derelict Structures Program

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About the Program

The derelict structures program was created through coordinated efforts between several localities and citizens. This initiative seeks to preserve neighborhoods and hold the line against blight, sustain property values, and protect citizen investments. The purpose of this program is to eliminate structures that have become a blighting influence within our city by providing incentives for compliance and penalties for noncompliance with the code.

Derelict Building

A "derelict building" shall mean a residential or nonresidential building or structure, whether or not construction has been completed, that might endanger the public's health, safety, or welfare and for a continuous period in excess of six months, it has been (i) vacant, (ii) boarded up in accordance with the building code, and (iii) not lawfully connected to electric service from a utility service provider or not lawfully connected to any required water or sewer service from a utility service provider.

A complete text of section 17-2, the derelict structures ordinance, can be found one the City Code and Charter page.