Renting Construction Spaces

Rental of Metered & Construction Parking Spaces

Renting a meter bag is a service available to contractors needing to occupy a metered space (or spaces) for longer than the meter’s posted time limit because of working on a building in the downtown area. If a contractor needs to occupy non-metered parking spaces for longer than 2 hours in the downtown area, rental of construction parking spaces is required. The downtown area includes parking west of Water Street, east of Chestnut Street, north of County Street, and south of London Street.

Renting Space

The rental rate for both metered and non-metered construction spaces is $5 per day (Monday to Friday) per space (20 feet length). When renting a parking space on a street, vehicles, equipment or dumpsters must be no wider than a regular parking space so as not to block the flow of traffic. When renting adjacent spaces in a PPA parking lot, the length of the vehicles, equipment or dumpsters must not exceed the length of the parking space.

Advanced Request

You must contact the Portsmouth Parking Authority at 757-393-8800 to request parking in advance. When renting a metered space, PPA staff will lock the bag onto the meter for the rented space at the beginning of the day the space is needed and remove the bag at the end of the time paid for. If you need to extend the time needed, you must visit the Portsmouth Parking Authority office to pay for the additional time. When renting construction spaces, the Portsmouth Parking Authority will loan you cones if necessary. It is your responsibility to block off the parking spaces and to return the cones when you finish renting the space(s).

Note: Before dumpster(s) can be placed on a City of Portsmouth street or in the City’s right-of-way, permission must be granted by the Engineering Department. Call 393-8592.