Renting a Monthly Space

Who to Contact

To rent a monthly parking space, you need to contact the Portsmouth Parking Authority’s Customer Service Office at 757-393-8800. A parking space application and the Parking Authority’s Rules and Regulations will be emailed to you, and arrangements will be made for establishing your account.


Because all spaces are billed in advance, payment for the current month and next month’s rent is required when you start renting your parking space. If you rent your space between the 1st and the 14th of the month, you will pay for the current and next month’s rent. If you rent between the 15th and the end of the month, you will pay for half of the current month and next month’s rent.

If the space you are renting is a reserved parking space, all spaces except those in the Middle Street Parking Garage, there is a $1 hangtag fee.

You will receive your first bill for your account the first week of next month, which will be due by the 22nd, and will be for the following month’s rent.

Payment Options

Payments may be mailed to:
       Portsmouth City Treasurer
       P.O. Box 7847
       Portsmouth, VA 23707-0847

Payments may be paid at Official Payments:
  Payment by check or money order may be dropped in the drop box at:
  • Portsmouth Parking Authority Office
  • City Treasurer’s drop box on Columbia Street.
Please include the remit to section of your bill with your check or money order in your envelope.

USCG / Military Discount

Active duty military personnel, as well as civilian employees including contract personnel of the U.S. Coast Guard, who work at 5th District Headquarters or the Norfolk U.S. Coast Guard offices are eligible for a discounted monthly rate of $42. This rate applies to all garages operated by the Portsmouth Parking Authority. The closest garage to the 5th District Headquarters is the Middle Street Parking Garage. When you apply for your parking space, you will need to show your Military ID, or for contractors, the Coast Guard issued building pass.

Vacating Your Parking Space

If you need to terminate rental of your parking space, you will need to notify the Portsmouth Parking Authority Office of your intent to vacate prior to the 1st or 15th day of the month. Hangtags (with the exception of Middle Street Parking Garage) and Kontrol Kards (for garage renters) must be returned when vacating your space. Regardless of whether you utilize your space or not, you are responsible for any rent accrued until your space has been properly vacated.

Vehicle Requirements

Use of your parking space is limited to operable motor vehicles (cars, vans, light trucks with length of 18 feet or less and width of 7 feet or less). Use of parking space for any other type of vehicle (boat trailer, cargo trailer, etc.) is prohibited. Height of vehicle cannot exceed 7 feet (lower in certain garages) unless specific approval is received from the Portsmouth Parking Authority. Any vehicle parked in space must be in operable condition and meet legal requirements necessary to be driven (Example: current license plate and inspection sticker).