Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access (SRA) allows business and government subscribers to access the following Portsmouth Circuit Court records
  • Deeds and Land Records
  • Financing Statements
  • Judgments
  • Wills and Fiduciaries

Free Index Only Access

Effective November 1, 2022, Portsmouth Circuit Court is offering Free Index Only Access to our public records.                               You do not need an account to view the free index only access. The Available Courts tab on the ribbon in Secure Remote Access  (SRA) displays a list of all courts and displays one of three messages:                                                                                                      1.      Unavailable if the court has not enabled free index only access,                                                                                                                2.      Available if the court has enabled free index only access, or                                                                                                                      3.      Subscriber if the user is logged in and has an active subscription in that court, regardless of whether or not free index only access has been enabled.

 Active subscribers will not be affected by this new service. You can still login as normal and view instrument indexes and images. If free index only access is enabled in a court where a user has an active subscription, the Available Courts page will list our court as Subscriber instead of Available. 

You can visit the Supreme Court of Virginia webpage at,  where Secure Remote Access (SRA) now has a dedicated landing page with information on this access and subscriptions and provides a direct link to the application. This landing page can be found under the Online Services section of the left navigation bar.