Subdivision Exceptions

Subdivision Exception Application Process

The Planning Commission may grant an exception to any requirement of the subdivision regulations (except use, setback, number of parking spaces, size of parking space or any landscape requirements), subject to the standards in Section 33. 1-23 of the Portsmouth City Code. Subdivision exceptions cannot be granted for any waiver of the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.

A Pre-Application Conference with Planning Department Staff is strongly recommended prior to submission of a Subdivision Exception Application. Click here to download the Pre-Application Conference Request Form.

Pre-Application Conferences are not binding on the City. Comments made during a Pre-Application Conference do not constitute official assurances or representations by the City or its officials regarding any aspect of the plan or submittal.

Staff cannot guarantee that all relevant issues will be discussed or that initial staff reactions will reflect the ultimate staff recommendations. Requirements of other City departments will not typically be discussed.

There is no fee for a Pre-Application Conference. Fees may be required for subsequent applications.

Click here to download the Planning Commission meeting schedule with the application submission deadlines.   

The Subdivision Exception  process typically takes at least two (2) months.

Please note: No application shall be considered on property where there is a known outstanding violations unless the application approval would remedy the violation.

A staff coordinator will be assigned to your application and ensure the application is complete. Applications will not be advertised and will not be included on the Planning Commission agenda if they are incomplete. Completed applications will be routed to pertinent City departments for comment. Meeting notices will be mailed to adjacent property owners to allow public comment. Staff will write a staff report that includes a recommendation for the application.

Subdivision Exception applications are heard at a Planning Commission public hearing. Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month at 1:30 PM. Planning Commission will make the final determination whether to approve or deny the application.

On their own initiative or at the request of the applicant, Planning Commission may also defer consideration of an application to a future meeting.

Applicants are advised to be prepared to provide a brief presentation of the application and answer questions at the Planning Commission Public Hearings.

The Subdivision Exception application fee is $220 or fee as established in City Code Appendix A Portsmouth Fee Schedule.

Fees are typically non-refundable once the application has been advertised.