What Constitutes a “Judgment”?

  • Virginia Code § 8.01-426 states “A decree for land or for specific personal property, and a decree or order requiring payment of money, shall have the effect of a judgment for such land property or money and be embraced by the word ‘judgment’.”
  • Such things as criminal fines and costs serve as judgments in favor of the Commonwealth, Virginia Code §§ 19.2-336, 19.2-341. Restitution to the victim of a crime may be docketed when so ordered by the court or upon the written request of the victim, Virginia Code § 19.2-302.2 (B).
  • Federal and State tax liens: Virginia Code §§ 55-142.2, 58.1-1805, Virginia Department of Social Services: Virginia Code § 63.2-1927, Virginia Department of Labor and Industry: Virginia Code §40.1-29, Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, Virginia Code § 45.1-246 (D), Virginia State Corporation Commission: Virginia Code § 12.1-37, and Municipal Improvement Assessments: Virginia Code § 15.2-2412.
  • Orders of awards of the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission. Virginia Code § 65.2-710.
  • Child Support Enforcement under Federal Social Security Act - 42 USC 651/66 (a) (4) (A).

Recording Fees

  • Abstract of Judgment (Lien):  $10.00
  • Foreign Judgment:  $25.00
  • Release/Satisfaction:  $0.00

  • Non-certified:  $.50 
  • Certified:  $2.50
  • Triple Seal (Exemplified):  $7.50