Special Exceptions

Special Exceptions

Special Exceptions are required for several types of uses and circumstances including uses that are not permitted by right that have heightened impacts but not to the extent of requiring a Use Permit; exceptions to specified Community Development standards; exceptions to allowing nonconforming uses, structures, and/or lots; 

City Council delegated authority to approve Special Exceptions to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Approval is determined by majority vote of the Board of Zoning Appeals. The process requires a mandatory public hearing. Approval of Special Exceptions runs with the land.

  • Required for any use designated in Use Table as requiring a Special Exception
  • May be applied for to authorize:
    • Alternative signage
    • Fence taller than 8 feet
    • Alternative Parking Plan
    • Expansion of an existing development that can’t comply with parking
    • Expansion of a nonconforming structure or lot
    • Nonconforming use that was abandoned
    • Nonconforming single-family residential use

The Board of Zoning Appeals may impose conditions regarding the location, character, duration, and other features of the Special Exception to ensure compliance with the general intent and purposes of the Zoning Ordinance and prevent or minimize adverse effects from the request. Conditions must bear a reasonable relationship to the legitimate land use concerns generated by the request

Click the link below to download a basic training presentation on the Special Exceptions.

Special Exception Presentation

The Special Exception Application can be downloaded here. Special Exception Application Form