Planning Commission Agenda Items

Agenda Items for September Meeting


S-22-01 (MERRIMAC POINT) – Mr. Riley R. Cyr, Attorney at Law, on behalf of Jeffrey and Colleen Stanek requests the closure of the grassy, dead end portion of Williamson Road to be evenly divided and maintained by the adjoining property owners. The closure area is adjacent to the applicant’s home at 96 Williamson Road and abuts 100 Monitor Road. The Future Land Use Map of the Build One Portsmouth Comprehensive Plan designates the property for Single Family Residential, Low to Medium Density. The property is right-of-way owned by the City of Portsmouth 


UP-22-12 (UPTOWN) – Green Re-Leaf LLC requests a Use Permit for an urban agriculture facility to grow and cultivate industrial hemp on an approximately 1.45 acre property located at 1300 High Street in the Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NMU) zoning district and the Innovation Overlay District. The Future Land Use Map of the Build One Portsmouth Comprehensive Plan designates this property for Commercial use. The property is owned by Cars 4 Less, Inc. and is identified as Tax Map 38, Parcel 133. 

CBE-22-05 (STERLING POINT) – Raffaele L. Allen requests a Chesapeake Bay Exception for a swimming pool within the Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Area’s 100-foot buffer at 2440 Sterling Point Drive. The property is zoned General Residential, GR, and is further described as Tax Map 783, Parcel 39. The Build One Portsmouth Comprehensive Plan recommends low to medium single-family residential development for the property. 

CBE-22-06 (WILD DUCK LN) – Laurence Benson, with Kimley-Horn, on behalf of Justin Lichter, requests a Chesapeake Bay Exception for development of a warehouse/trans-load facility and associated infrastructure within the 100-foot buffer at 1 Wild Duck Lane. The property is zoned Industrial, IN, and is further described as Tax Map 719, Parcel 2. The Build One Portsmouth Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Map recommends Heavy Industrial development for the property.


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