Home Based Business

Home Business Criteria

All business entities operating within the Portsmouth city limits are required to have a City of Portsmouth Business License. Some businesses may be operated from a residence if they comply with the following criteria:
  • No Clients are permitted to visit the home.
  • There will be no storage of any merchandise or equipment at the home.
  • Less than 15% of the home will be utilized for business.
  • Only those individuals residing at the home may be utilized in the business.
  • No detached structures/signs may be utilized for the business.
  • There shall be no sale of merchandise from the home.
  • There shall be no food processing.
The Permits and Inspections Department for the City of Portsmouth is responsible for monitoring these types of businesses and any questions should be reported to their office by calling 757-393-8531.

Not the Home Owner

If the applicant does not own the home, then a letter from the property owner stating that they will allow the applicant to operate the particular business from the property is required.