Fiduciary Taxes

Trustee Taxes

Fiduciary Taxes, also called Trustee Taxes, are collected by the businesses on the behalf of the City or State. These taxes are required to be reported and remitted by the business to the City or State on a regular basis. There are certain requirements to be met in order to legally collect these taxes.

Fiduciary Tax Rates

Tax Type (Links)
Amount Reported / Remitted To
Admissions Tax
10% Commissioner of the Revenue
Cigarette Tax
$0.95 per 20 in pack
$1.19 per 25 in pack
City Treasurer
Food and Beverage Tax
7.50%  (effective January 1, 2021) Commissioner of the Revenue
Lodging Tax
9% (additional $3.00 per room-per night. effective July 1, 2019)
(8% Local and Additional 1% State Transient Occupancy Tax - effective May 1, 2021)
Commissioner of the Revenue
State Sales Tax
6.00% (State - 5.00%, City - 1.00%)
Enacted: September 1, 2004
Virginia Department of Taxation
Short Term Rental Tax
1.00% Commissioner of the Revenue

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the reporting or remittance of Fiduciary Taxes, please contact the proper agency as listed above, or contact the Portsmouth Commissioner of the Revenue Business Tax Department.