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Office of the
General Registrar
801 Crawford Street,
First Floor
Portsmouth, VA 23704
Phone (757) 393-8644
FAX (757) 393-5415
Hours: 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.,
Mon. - Fri.




Voter Photo Identification Required

Are You ID Ready?

Voters MUST present one of the following acceptable forms
of photo identification when voting:

flag iconVirginia requirements: Va. Code § 24.2-643(B)

  • Valid Virginia Driver’s License;
  • Valid United States Passport;
  • Any other photo identification card issued by a government agency of the Commonwealth, one of its political subdivisions, or the United States;
  • Valid student identification card containing a photograph of the voter issued by any institution of higher education located in the Commonwealth of Virginia or any private school in the Commonwealth;
  • Any valid employee identification card containing a photograph of the voter and issued by an employer of the voter in the ordinary course of the employer’s business

The Office of the General Registrar will issue FREE photo ID cards to voters who do not possess one of the above forms of photo ID.


It's Your Future...VOTE For It!


Rev. 01/16


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