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Mosquito Control
Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I report a mosquito problem?
A: Reporting mosquito problems is a very helpful way to identify possible problem areas.  Any information is appreciated.  To report a problem, call (757) 393-8666 between the hours of 7:30am-4:00pm. We typically respond to all calls within 48 hours. Please provide your name, address, and a phone number we can reach you at to make the response time faster.


Q: Do you spray my neighborhood?
A: We typically spray on an as-needed basis.  There are certain factors that constitute spraying certain areas.  Trap counts, mosquito populations, reported problems, and physical findings, determines the need to spray.  For more information on this, please see our interactive map of spray routes (click through).


Q; Why did the operator turn the sprayer off when passing my house?
A: Operators may turn sprayers off if they see people in the immediate surrounding area.  Although this products are virtually harmless to humans in such low doses, this is done as a common courtesy to ensure safety. 


Q: Why does it seem that mosquitoes are more active after spray operations?  Is the pesticide working?
A: Yes, it is working! One of the products we use for adulticiding is a dual action product.  The first phase of this product agitates mosquitoes which gets them up in the air and out of their harborage.  Once in the air, the product effectively works to kill the mosquitoes.

Q: I live in an apartment complex, how come sprayers do not come in my complex?
We do not spray or treat private properties.  This includes business parks, apartment complexes, and personal yards.


Q: How will I find out when you are spraying the city?
A: You can check the Mosquito Hotline.  The Mosquito Hotline is update daily by 3:00pm during mosquito season.  To reach the Mosquito Hotline call, (757)393-8666 and ask to be connected to the Mosquito Hotline during business hours or dial ext.7324 after 4:00pm


Q: It doesn't look like the spray truck is spraying enough is it going too fast?
A: Each spray truck is equipped with GPS connected to the sprayer. The GPS tracks and records how fast each truck is going and accurately adjusts the sprayer to output the correct amount of product.  If the truck drives too fast an alarm goes off in the truck alerting the driver to adjust their speed for proper spray coverage. After each spray this data is downloaded into a database to show which streets were sprayed, how fast the driver was going throughout the route and the amount of product used and acreage covered.

Q:  How can I prevent my neighborhood from breeding mosquitoes?
A: Keeping your yard clean and clear of all water holding containers is the best way to prevent your yard from breeding mosquitoes.  However, it takes the cooperation of the entire neighborhood to prevent breeding.  Everyone must work together in making sure the neighborhood is kept clean and free of standing water.  Remember, it only takes one yard to make the entire neighborhood suffer no matter everyone else’s efforts.







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