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Volume 8, 4 September - October 2009


The Buzz is a semi-monthly summary used to disseminate important information about mosquitoes and mosquito control in the City of Portsmouth. Above average rain fall for the month of June has made for an extremely busy month. Mosquito activity remains high as adult mosquito populations are elevated and neighboring jurisdictions have reported finding mosquito viruses. Portsmouth mosquito control efforts are currently at maximum capacity.

Surveillance and Control

  • Catch basin treatments were completed in the first two weeks of August. The heavy rain normally will not “flush” the product out of the storm drains. The product should control mosquitoes thru the end of September.

  • Mosquito trapping efforts have shown wide fluctuations in mosquito populations with a general trend upwards. Trap counts peaked around the middle of August.

  • Complaint calls remain an anomaly this season. August we only recorded 17 complaint calls. Calls were uniformly distributed with no “clustering” or “hot spots”.

  • One aerial larvicide application was performed in mid August. A contractor treated approximately 300 acres on the Craney Island (Dredge Material Management Area, Portsmouth Landfill, and Navy Fuel Depot).

  • August was a busy month for adulticide operations. When weather conditions permitted crews were able to treat just of 11,000 acres for adult mosquitoes. Wind and weather permitting crews should complete pre Labor Day spraying the city this evening. Spray operations are currently projected to continue through the end of October. For information about spray activities call 393-8666 and press 1 when prompted.

  • To minimize exposure to mosquitoes, residents are encouraged to.

    • Wear long, loose and light-colored clothing.

    • Make sure window and door screens in your home are functional and in place.

    • Use insect repellent products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency such as products containing DEET, Picaridin, or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. When using a product containing DEET, no more than 50 percent DEET should be used for adults and less than 30 percent should be used for children. Follow instructions when using insect repellents.

    • For additional, please call or visit the Virginia Department of Health’s website at www.vdh.virginia.gov.


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