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Public Utilities
Customer Service Office

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Mon. - Fri.
FAX 757-397-6350


Public Utilities
Customer Service Vision Statement

Re•flect (ri flekt') vt. 1. to give back an image of; mirror or reproduce 2. to cast or bring back as a consequence (with on) [deeds that reflect honor on him/her] 3. to express or show [skills that reflect years of training/experience] 4. to realize after thought.

We are the most public face of the Department of Public Utilities. We realize that people will form their opinion of our entire Department based upon their contact and experience with us. We are committed to the ideal that our actions, attitudes, approaches and contact with our customers and coworkers must reflect courtesy, respect, professionalism and integrity irrespective of the circumstances. In our dealings with our customers and coworkers, we will take the time to Listen and Reflect before acting. We will team with our coworkers to insure we convey accurate and timely information. We will always reflect the concept that others will be treated as we, ourselves would like to be treated.

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