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Visitation Guidelines - Jail Policy / Video Policy

There are many families that have never experienced having to deal with someone they know being incarcerated. We have strict guidelines that must be adhered to for everyone's well being and safety.

Each inmate received a booklet with the rules and regulations of the Portsmouth City Jail. When the inmate calls home and/or on visiting nights they should share this information with family members and friends.

Professional visits guidelines for Attorney's, click here

Video visitation guidelines are explained in this brochure.
Click to start your visistation with HomeWav.

Some of the most frequently asked questions and general requests from family are:

Due to our occupancy rating provide by the Fire Marshall, there can not be more than 10 people allowed. Because of this regulation we have implemented additional guidelines for the Lobby.

They are as follows:

NO Public restrooms - There are restrooms on Water St at the parking garage.

Floor Schedule
VISITING: 6:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.

Day Floor
Monday 3RD / 8A
Tuesday 5TH / 8B
Wednesday 4TH / 8C
Thursday 7TH
Friday 6TH