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Recommendation Area: Maintenance

The maintenance of parks and community facilities will be valued by the community as an important element of living in Portsmouth while creating pride and appreciation of public parks, community spaces, neighborhoods, and the overall City.

The goal is to improve the overall maintenance of parks and community facilities to match the expectations of the citizens (such as City Park). Greater levels of maintenance and care as it applies to community and neighborhood parks and facilities will encourage greater positive use by residents in the City.



1. Establish a benchmark for maintaining facilities.

  • Maintenance is a consideration for individuals where determining which park or facility to use.

  • The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Service should establish performance standards for each facility.

  • Maintenance standards for each park and facility may vary on use and type; a heavily visited regional level facility may have different requirements from a lower visitation natural area.

2. Develop a process to measure customer satisfaction of maintenance of sports fields.

  • Questionnaries or simple comment cards can be used to solicit input to help the leaders of the Parks Department determine if citizens are satisfied with maintenance and upkeep of each park.

3. Add site furnishings to park space to encourage positive and healthy behavior.

  • One of the easiest ways to improve everyday maintenance is to add related amenities like trash receptacles and site furnishings.

  • While not considered maintenance, the apperance of a park is always improved with the addition of benches, lighting (pedestrian and parking), water fountains, restrooms, etc.

4. Ensure the appropriate equipment is available to support the parks and programs.

  • Without the appropriate equipment, maintenance staff spend more time and effort, sometimes without the desired results, to maintain parks.

5. Develop a volunteer maintenance group for the park and recreation system to assist maintaining parks in the neighborhoods.

  • Civic groups have expressed an interest in being actively engaged in the maintenance and even design and construction of neighborhood parks.

  • Supporting local volunteers is critical in ensuring that these dedicated individuals continue to participate in civic life and that new volunteers can be recruited.

  • The City can serve as a partner with volunteer groups.

  • The efforts and knowledge of successful projects by civic groups or volunteers can be shared with other groups or neighborhoods.

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