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Recommendation Area: Communications

Communication efforts will create a strong community awareness and appreciation for the value of parks, recreation programs, and community facilities that in turn, will create a higher level of use and return on the City’s investment.

Create a Marketing Plan to be complete by 2013 and fully implemented in 2014 with an increase in community awareness.



1. Develop a marketing campaign of parks and programs available to citizens.

  • Creating a marketing campaign that clearly communicates the existing assets and programs of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services will let citizens know about available resources.

2. Proactively market the benefits and advantages of participating in recreation and/or cultural programs.

  • Participating in recreational programs builds important life skills, such as teamwork and social skills for youths, as well as, physical and mental well-being.

  • Adults and older adults are embracing the “active living” or “wellness” philosophy, thus cities are now orienting their programming to respond to these demands.

  • Leisure activities serve many age groups, including Seniors, the fastest growing age group in America. They want to continue to learn, try new things, travel, and pursue new hobbies or interests.

3. Update the website on a regular basis to accurately reflect important dates and locations.

  • Although the website is not the only source of information, it is a quick and responsive means to keep the public up to date on activities and events.

4. Create a unique brand identity for Portsmouth’s Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services programs.

  • Regional parks contribute to a positive identity of Portsmouth and can be a source of civic pride. This can even be a draw for bringing new citizens and businesses to Portsmouth.

  • When done creatively, branding parks, recreation, and leisure services also serves as a tool for economic development for the entire city.

5. Enhance volunteer efforts in the park, recreation, and leisure services system to build advocacy and help support operational costs.

  • Supporting local volunteers for maintenance, as well as, advocacy is critical to ensuring that these dedicated individuals continue to participate in civic life and that new volunteers can be recruited.

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