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August 3, 2009

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The Portsmouth Police Department is in the process of developing it's 5-year Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is the primary guidance document that establishes goals and sets the direction for future police department initiatives. The plan directly links police operations to both the City's Strategic Plan and the City Council's Vision.

As part of the development of the Strategic Plan, the Portsmouth Police Department is reaching out to the community in order to better understand the needs of the citizens of Portsmouth. To gather the necessary information the police department is conducting a survey, which will be delivered through a variety of methods. The survey can be accessed online at, or through mailings to some individuals. Members of the Portsmouth Police Department Command Staff will conduct one-on-one survey interviews with some individuals and business representatives.

The mailings will go out within the next 2 weeks. Citizens may request a survey to be mailed to them by contacting the Portsmouth Police Chief’s Office at (757) 393-8257. Any citizen of Portsmouth may take the survey online by following the above link, then clicking on the survey link to the left of the page.

The police department regularly gets feedback through neighborhood meetings, city council meetings and contact with the public. Ultimately, with the collected feedback the police department will be better able to serve the current and future needs of the community and deliver better law enforcement services.

This survey will be available through the month of August 2009.

Any additional information or feedback on the survey may be directed to Douglas Weller at (757) 393-8257 extension 103 or

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