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Circuit Court Building
1345 Court Street, Suite 101
Portsmouth, VA 23705-1217
Telephone (757) 393-8671 Fax (757) 399-4826
Email: cmorrison@courts.state.va.us

Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday
Closed for All Commonwealth of Virginia Holidays


Circuit Court Dockets

File Name Example:
2007_09_20 = 2007_September_20

File Name File Size
2015-09-21.pdf40,098 bytes
2015-09-22.pdf39,556 bytes
2015-09-23.pdf39,879 bytes
2015-09-24.pdf42,735 bytes
2015-09-25.pdf54,394 bytes
2015-09-28.pdf47,756 bytes
2015-09-29.pdf47,322 bytes
2015-09-30.pdf43,051 bytes
2015-10-01.pdf67,037 bytes
2015-10-02.pdf49,033 bytes
2015-10-05.pdf54,600 bytes
2015-10-06.pdf41,978 bytes
2015-10-07.pdf39,746 bytes
2015-10-08.pdf42,441 bytes
2015-10-09.pdf48,219 bytes
2015-10-13.pdf46,402 bytes
2015-10-14.pdf43,107 bytes
2015-10-15.pdf44,487 bytes
2015-10-16.pdf46,287 bytes
2015-10-19.pdf57,240 bytes
2015-10-20.pdf49,681 bytes
2015-10-21.pdf47,829 bytes
2015-10-22.pdf47,363 bytes
2015-10-23.pdf42,572 bytes
2015-10-26.pdf46,238 bytes
2015-10-27.pdf47,604 bytes
2015-10-28.pdf43,063 bytes
2015-10-29.pdf40,439 bytes
2015-10-30.pdf51,026 bytes
2015-11-02.pdf51,279 bytes
2015-11-03.pdf37,615 bytes
2015-11-04.pdf47,178 bytes
2015-11-05.pdf64,157 bytes
2015-11-06.pdf51,008 bytes
2015-11-09.pdf42,483 bytes
2015-11-10.pdf50,333 bytes
2015-11-12.pdf50,754 bytes
2015-11-13.pdf51,860 bytes
2015-11-16.pdf45,822 bytes
2015-11-17.pdf45,187 bytes
2015-11-18.pdf45,471 bytes
2015-11-19.pdf40,970 bytes
2015-11-20.pdf57,661 bytes
2015-11-23.pdf48,359 bytes
2015-11-24.pdf45,722 bytes
2015-11-25.pdf40,079 bytes
2015-11-30.pdf48,686 bytes
2015-12-01.pdf52,865 bytes

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