Rules of the Road

  1. Function of Purchasing
  2. Communication
  3. Methods of Procurement

Function of Purchasing

The Purchasing Office performs a service function for all city departments and acts as a liaison between suppliers and the city. While we are the sole purchasing office for the city, we often work closely with various City departments in composing specifications and analyzing responses to solicitations.

Procurement Actions

All procurement actions are conducted in accordance with the Municipal Code of the City of Portsmouth and all other applicable regulations, whether state or federal. All formal solicitations are posted electronically by the Purchasing Office on DemandStar, eVirgina Marketplace, or on the City of Portsmouth websites. We will gladly furnish a copy of all solicitations to any interested vendors, which will include all information for submitting a response.

In some instances, it may be necessary to use trade names or model numbers to designate the quality of merchandise desired. In such cases, the phrase “or equal” will be specified. The decision of “equal” rests solely with the city. The burden of proving “equality” rests with the vendor. The completed forms should be signed and delivered to the city’s purchasing office prior to the designated opening time on the form. Solicitation response envelopes should indicate the solicitation number and opening date thereon.


If you have questions at any time during the procurement process, please consult with the Purchasing Office for clarification or answers.