Special Projects

Zoning Ordinance Update

The Planning Department is updating the Zoning Ordinance. The ordinance is updated on a regular basis to keep it current and effective for our citizens and businesses. Follow along with the process here. We will be regularly posting updates and analyzes of the process.

This report is the initial analysis of the land use policy in the current ordinance.

Zoning Ordinance Land Use Policy Analysis Report

Zoning Ordinance Use Table 06-18

Table Of Uses With Separation Requirements 06-18

Zoning Ordinance Update Work Book, September 2018

land use policy analysis

Ordinance Section Updates

These sections of the Zoning Ordinance were updated in their entirety. You can find the relevant documents below.

Mini-Self Storage Update

Sign Regulations Update

Parking Ordinance Update

zoning ordinance

Ordinance Patches

These are small updates to address specific sections of the Code in advance of a full review of the Ordinance. Below you can find the related supporting documents.

Residential Lot Size Patch

D-2 District

The purpose of the D-2 Uptown Land Use Study is to analyze the existing makeup of the district’s land uses, development patterns, transportation networks, market forces, and the community factors that influence the district and provide recommendations for updated zoning regulations/other development considerations to catalyze reinvestment.

D-2 District Land Use Study

D-2 Uptown District Ordinance Patch

d2 land use study