Comprehensive Plan

Destination 2025 Setting A Bold New Course
The City of Portsmouth’s official Comprehensive Plan (PDF), Destination 2025, was adopted by City Council on April 29, 2005. The Comprehensive Plan was developed by the Planning Commission with the assistance from the staff of the Department of Planning and the Citizen 2025 Comprehensive Plan Committee.

A Comprehensive Plan is an official document that establishes the long-range plan for the future development, revitalization, and preservation of the City. The Plan serves as a policy document that sets the framework and guiding principals for the City's future, as required by Virginia law.

Destination 2025 establishes a vision for the future and identifies a strategy for achieving that vision.

Vision Statement of the City of Portsmouth for Destination 2025

  • A Guide for the Management of Change: Destination 2025 acts as a "road map" through which we solve problems, anticipate and avoid future threats, and seize opportunities to make our community better.
  • A Reflection of Community Values and Aspirations: Destination 2025 reflects the shared aspirations and vision of the community as a whole and outlines the destination toward which we will direct future policies, strategies, and actions.
  • The Foundation for all City Policies, Strategies, and Actions: Destination 2025, developed as a city-wide vision of the future, serves as the foundation for directing future policy, selecting "optimum" strategies, and outlining a timeline of concrete actions to achieve them.
  • The Community's "To Do" List: Destination 2025 identifies in detail the actions, timetables, responsibilities, and resources that are needed to implement them. The 20 year "to do" list establishes implementation measures that are prioritized to occur over short-term, intermediate, and long-term timeframes.
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