Water Production Division : Lake Kilby Treatment Facility

This division is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and protection of the Department’s water resources (reservoirs, deep wells, watershed, forestry and fishing programs and the water treatment plant) and for insuring the production and delivery of high quality drinking water through its water quality programs (laboratory, testing, monitoring, and backflow and cross-connection prevention).

Boating & Fishing 

The City of Portsmouth allows fishing/boating in the city’s reservoirs located within the City of Suffolk by the issuance of Annual Fishing Permits.  A permit (daily or annual) from the City of Portsmouth is required for fishing or oat on our lakes.  Permits are valid for all four lakes.

The four permitted areas are:

  • Lake Cohoon
  • Lake Kilby ( does not have a  public access facility)
  • Lake Meade
  • Lake Speight

Persons wishing to receive the City of Portsmouth’s Annual Fishing Permit by mail should complete the application and send the detached application section with check or money order to:



SUFFOLK, VA 23434-6217


The Annual Fishing Permit, the boat decal, and a copy of all regulations will be forwarded to you within two weeks.

Persons who do not desire to purchase annual permits may purchase Day Permits at Lake Cohoon Fishing Station. Daily permits can be purchased at Cohoon – Meade Fishing Station on Pitchkette Road. (757.923.3219)

Applications for annual permits can be obtained at the following places:

  • Coohon- Meade Fishing  Station
  • Dashiell’s Half – Round Showroom on Holland Rd in Suffolk
  • The Department of Public Utilities business office in the Portsmouth Municipal Building (2nd FL)  

Application forms and brochures are also available at the Suffolk Visitor’s Center. 

Annual Permit Fees

Non – Residents, $40.00

Senior Citizens (Age 62 or above) $20.00

Portsmouth residents $20.00

*Annual Permits issued this year will expire on April 15th next year.


An annual permit allows the permit holder and their guest in their company fishing/boating privileges within the City of Portsmouth owned reservoirs.  All Fishermen over the age of 16 must have a valid state or city of Suffolk fishing licensePermits include the issuance of a boat decal to be placed on the starboard bow (right front) of the permit holder’s boat. Second boats will require the purchase of an additional annual permit.

All questions regarding the application instructions may be directed to the Watershed Superintendent's office at the Lake Kilby Treatment Facility

Monday - Friday 
7:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.  

(757) 539-2201 ext. 222